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ACPICR Project Development Fund

ACPICR Project Development Fund

What is it?

The ACPICR Project Development Fund has been set up to support ACPIR members to develop innovative projects generating new knowledge within the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation.  Successful applicants can be awarded up to a maximum of £1000.

Who can apply?

Any current ACPICR member with an idea for a project within the field may apply – regardless of his / her previous project experience.  The applicant should have been an ACPICR member for a minimum of two consecutive years, and successful applicants will be eligible for one award every two years. 

What can I use the funding for?

The funding can be used to help with any type of research project, service development or quality improvement work within the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation. 

Specifically, the monies can be used for:

·        Research projects or studies associated with post graduate qualifications

·        Courses / workshops providing knowledge and skills directly related to, and required 

to undertake, the research

·        Study equipment (e.g. cost of activity monitors, exercise tests, heart rate monitors...)

·        Support towards dissemination of your project, e.g. in a journal or at a conference

·        Support towards relevant learning / writing materials (e.g. Reference Manager)


How do I apply?

Every year, applications for the ACPICR Project Development Fund are welcomed at any time before the closing date (31st March).  Please complete the application form and submit to the ACPICR Research Officer at by 23:59 on 31st March 2019.


How are the applications assessed?

After the closing date, all applications will be reviewed by three ACPICR committee members: the two ACPICR Chairpersons and the Research Officer.  If any of these individuals declares an interest in any application, he / she will not participate in the review, and an additional committee member(s) will be sought as replacements.  The reviewers will consider the benefit of the award to both the applicant and the provision and development of cardiovascular rehabilitation.  


Every year, a total sum of £2000 is allocated to the fund.  Every successful applicant can be awarded up to a maximum of £1000, or a percentage of the total claim – whichever is the lower amount.  The reviewers will consider all applications together and decide how to allocate the funds, based upon the merit and expected impact of the projects detailed within the applications submitted.


When will I be notified of the outcome?

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their review within six weeks.  The decision will be final, and not open to appeal.  The monies will be available soon after, and should be used before the end of that financial year (31st March, one year after application deadline).


Where can I access further information to help me with my project?

The CSP website has a fantastic area dedicated to research.  Here you can access a variety of information on: doing research, accessing funding, research networks, research careers and training, research strategy and priorities, measureable outcomes and health informatics. Click here [link] to visit the page.


For more information on the fund, or if you are unsure about whether your project is eligible, please contact the ACPICR Research Officer:



Terms and Conditions:

In making an application to the fund, the applicant agrees to abide by each of the terms and conditions contained within this schedule, upon and following any award of monies:

  • Project governance remains the responsibility of the project’s host organisation; in issuing the award, ACPICR does not assume responsibility for managing the project.
  • The ACPICR will not act as a study sponsor, and provision of funding does not constitute ACPICR endorsement.
  • The applicant’s line manager must agree to the project.
  • Funds will not be awarded in the absence of submissions of sufficient merit.
  • When applying for assistance with travel it is expected the applicant will travel by the least expensive means and make efforts to reduce costs where possible.
  • Successful applicants are expected to acknowledge fully, in writing, the nature of the APICPR support in any publications, presentations or reports arising from the grant.
  • Within 18 months of receiving the monies, recipients shall submit a summary of the work for ACPICR promotional activities.
  • The ACPICR will publish the names of members awarded monies and an abstract of your research will be put on the ACPICR website.



  • Closing date for applications - 31st March each year
  • Decision on application made – by mid to late May each year
  • Funds awarded and used – by 31st March each year (one year after application deadline)
  • Summary of work submitted to ACPICR  - within 18 months of receiving monies