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Membership / Change of details Form


Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Membership Application / Change of details Form

1st January to 31st December 2017

For CSP members, ACPICR are unable to process your application without a CSP number

All memberships entitle you to receive the ACPICR e-newsletter, ACPICR publications, course advertisements and course fee reductions to all ACPICR courses run in conjunction with the BACPR. There are no reductions for joining part way through the year.
* Full membership is for member's of the CSP who will have voting rights and be eligible for election to the executive committee. **Associate membership is for all other professions. Universities and Departments will not qualify for ACPICR course fee reductions

It is a CSP requirement that a minimum of 70% of ACPICR members are CSP members. To achieve this percentage ACPICR reserve the right to decline the membership applications of other professionals if this 70% threshold has not been met.


If payment has not been received within 1 month of form being sent your application will not be processed

Standing order:        Date of yearly payment: 1st January

The 'Reference' needs to be your full name when completing a standing order e.g 'John Smith'

Payee details:          Bank: Nat West                    Name of organisation: ACPICR

                              Sort Code: 55-50-21             Account No: 86073583

If you wish to pay by debit/credit card through a secure site you can do so using the links below.  There is a small charge for each transaction so standard membership will cost £20.20.

To make a one-off payment to join the ACPICR mid-way through the year click here

To set up payment for ACPICR membership so that payment is taken on the first of January each year click here.



Please submit this form online (click below)


Information given on this form will be stored on the ACPICR database and contact details will also be sent to the membership secretary. This information may be sold as part of the membership for research purposes (ie for questionnaires/surveys related to cardiac rehabilitation practice). 

Please indicate below if you are willing to be involved in such sales. If not indicated it will be assumed that you are willing.

By submitting this form, you certify that the information provided in this membership application is correct. 


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