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ACPICR Publications


ACPICR publications are listed below.



  • ACPICR Peer Review - This peer review tool provides benchmarks for exercise professionals involved in the delivery of secondary prevention exercise programmes for individuals with cardiac conditions. Its overall aim is two-fold; firstly to support peer observations of exercise delivery for the cardiac population, and secondly to encourage sharing of best practice between the health professionals who work in this field.


The Standards for Physical Activity and Exercise In the Cardiac Population have been developed through a review of the evidence for best practice in cardiac rehabilitation, by a working party of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Cardiac Rehabilitation (ACPICR). The aim is to standardise the quality and approach taken by exercise professionals when delivering the exercise component of CR in order to provide service equity to the widest variety of people with cardiovascular disease (CVD).  The Standards have been extensively updated and now include additional more detailed information in several areas of practice. 

If you are a ACPICR member you will receive a copy of the standards, if not you can download an order form, each copy of the standards is £15.00 including P&P.


  • The Role of the Physiotherapist in Cardiac Rehabilitation: This document provides evidence of the benefit and worth of the physiotherapist in their contribution to Cardiac Rehabilitation, and can be used by physiotherapists and Cardiac Rehabilitation teams in their communication with managers and commisioners.  It reports on the current involvement of physiotherapy in Cardiac Rehabilitation nationally, outlines their specialist skills, knowledge and experience as well as recommending a pathway to achieve competency to prescribe exercise to cardiac populations.



  • Early activity after cardiac surgery This document reports on a national survey of cardiothoracic physiotherapists  and includes a literature review of the current evidence in this field. 


The following leaflets have been designed for distribution to patients who have questions regarding specific activities:

Other useful resources

Resuscitation Council UK BACPR Statement on requirements for resuscitation training and facilities for cardiac rehabilitation programmes:    This joint statement replaces previous versions. Ensure you update yourself and check your programme is compliant  

CSP Physiotherapy Works Briefing on Cardiac Rehabilitation:  The CSP has produced 10 evidence-based briefings to make the case for Physiotherapy when meeting with GP's and Commissioners, one of which is for Cardiac Rehabilitation.

NICE Quality Standard for secondary prevention post myocardial infarction : ACPICR are proud to have contributed to this document.  Our chair, Laura Burgess has written this easy to read summary document - many of the statements are relevant to cardiac rehabilitation - do ensure you are up to date with the latest guidance.

Updated NICE Quality Standard for Chronic Heart Failure in adults ACPICR support this recently updated document.  There are two standard that relate to Cardiac Rehabilitation which are outlined in this summary document.

NICE Commissioning Guidance:  The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has produced guidance for the commissioning of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure services, please use the links below:

Commissioning guidance for heart failure services

Commissioning guidance for Cardiac Rehabilitation services


ESH / ESC Hypertension Guidelines 2013

ACC / AHA Heart Failure Guidelines 2013